15 Photos Clearly Proving Why Dogs Are Better than Cats

The world has always been divided into those who prefer cats and those who could die for their dogs. And no matter which side you take, there are some areas where cats will never keep up with dogs.
These photos say more than 1,000 words.

#1 ‘My dog wouldn’t come although I called him. After a while I discovered why.’

#2 The face of rescue dogs the moment they find the man they have been looking for

#3 Your dog the moment you wake up


#4 Someone needs a hug here

#5 The family is ready to go

#6 It’s all about the comfort zone

#7 They always appreciate being caressed

#8 ‘He was really happy to see Santa Claus’

#9 ‘It was bought just for him and he knows it.’

#10 ‘Our new brother’

#11 When your dog brings home a few new tenants.’

#12 Friendship and loyalty above all

#13 This dog was brought up by cats, which you can clearly see here

#14 He just wanted to show off with his new soft toy.’

#15 Forever in love

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

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