An Easy Way to Make a DIY Dog Kennel

I am sure that everyone who’s got a dog wants the best for their pets. Many dogs enjoy staying inside, on the couch or sofa. However, some dogs prefer the outside. What to do for them? How can me make their lives more pleasant? Here is a simple way to make a dog kennel. At the end of the article there are some inspirations you can have a look at.

How to make a dog kennel. Step by step

Step 1

With a saw or a buzz saw, cut 4 boards of the same length. They will form the base of the kennel.

Step 2

Put the basis on the ground and next, one after another, attach the boards screwing them firmly to the base.

Step 3

If the last board is too wide, use a buzz saw. Measure the width, trim the board and attach to the basis.

Step 4

Turn it upside down and measure the internal square. Take a block of Styrofoam (EPS) and fix it on the bottom. If it’s too long or too short, trim it or add some more. Double layer of Styrofoam will strengthen the construction and insulate the kennel.

Step 5

Secure the bottom with the second layer of boards. Just like in the first layer, attached them with screws. Trim the last board to match the size of the kennel.

Step 6

For next steps you can use wood or OSB boards. If you go for the latter, you can polish the edges so that it looks neat and get rid of splinters.

Step 7

To put all the pieces together use metal carpentry joints so that the structure is protected against mechanical damage.

Fix the framework for the walls using two joints in each corner.

Step 8

Put the structure on a side and screw the side boards.

Do the same on all four sides. On the opposite sides leave the last boards.

Step 9

Mark the entrance on one of the walls. Use the buzz saw to cut it out.

Step 10

Measure the internal length of each walls to fit the size of insulation styrofoam. Cut the styrofoam and prepare OSB boards of right length

Time for the roof!

Step 11

Prepare another batch of boards. Divide them into two equal groups. Join one batch in the way shown in the photo.

Step 12

Below fix one board more, this time the longer one. Repeat #11 and fix the other wall to the longer board. The whole thing should look like the one in the picture below.

Step 13

Time to fix the roof. On one side fix a shorter board and hinges. Before doing this secure the other side with a board, to support the structure and make it easier for you to work.

Step 14

Lower the other side of the roof, fix the board measured before on the side with the entrance. Screw the roof, too.

Step 15

Add next boards to finish the sides.

Step 16

Secure the entrance with polished pieces.

Step 17

With an upholstery stapler fix the roof shingle

Step 18

Smoothen the walls of the kennel with sandpaper or polishing machine and then paint it.

Remember that the size of the kennel must be appropriate for your dog. Take dimensions while your dog is sleeping to see how much space it needs to feel comfortable.

Dog kennels – inspiration



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