13 Tricks to Make Parenting Easier. Every Parent Will Appreciate Them

Being a parent carries numerous expectations, but the one you probably feel the most is fear. After all, you are responsible for your little person who has become your whole world! In order to keep the baby safe, we realize that many household appliances can become potential hazards.

In addition to keeping your child safe, there are a whole bunch of other responsibilities associated with parenting.

You have to make sure that your kid is getting enough sleep, eating regularly, and playing with inappropriate objects. How, then, can we make sure that our child is safe and does not mess up the precious possessions in the house? Here are some tricks that every parent should know!

#1 Cover the Stairs


If you don’t want your child to climb the stairs alone use a sheet or a large piece of cloth and plastic hooks and stake out the stairs.

#2 Put a Foam Noodle under the Sheets


Moving from a crib to a big bed can be an exciting experience for your baby, but there is a risk that your baby will fall out of bed during the night. To avoid this, place a foam doodle under the sheet so your little one knows when he or she is approaching the edge of the bed.

#3 Protect the Railing


A few trivets and a rubber mesh fence will keep your child from leaning between the railing rungs. It may not look like much but it will keep your child safe!

#4 Limit Access to the Fireplace


Some homes have large fireplaces that are hard and very expensive. Such mats will soften the fall and are cheap enough that you won’t feel bad if you have to cut them down to fit the shape of the fireplace perfectly. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your child scratching the fireplace with a marker.

#5 Blinds Can Be Dangerous – Better Secure Them Well


Just buy a plastic hanger and tie the cords from the blinds a few times. This way your child won’t cut his fingers or destroy the blinds.

#6 Keep Cabinets From Opening by Using a Hanger or String


Tiny fingers can get clipped by cabinet doors, so it’s a good idea to secure cabinets from slamming open. To do this, use a hanger or string.

#7 Secure the Refrigerator Door


Two plastic hooks and a silicone bracelet will keep your toddler from opening the refrigerator or freezer door.

#8 Teach Your Child to Clean Up


Your little one can help you clean up by turning chores into fun.

#9 Turn an Ordinary Bath Into an Adventure


Is your little one reluctant to get into the tub? A few glow sticks will turn an ordinary bath into an amazing attraction.

#10 Make a Portable Drawing Set From an Old Dvd Box


#11 Leave Some Extra Dummies In The Crib


When your baby no longer needs feeding in the middle of the night, sometimes they may wake up and need comforting. If you leave a few dummies in the crib, your baby may reach for them and calm down without the help of an adult.

#12 Secure a Shaving Blade


If your child is already a little explorer and starts snooping around the cabinets and furniture on his own, it is better to secure the shaving knife. All you need is a plastic medicine bottle and your kid will definitely not cut himself.

#13 Tone it Down, Toys


If your device doesn’t have a volume control and you want to turn it down a bit, just tape the speaker with duct tape.

Which trick has won your heart?

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