The Colosseum Is A New Record-breaker Among Lego Models! This Set Will Delight Collectors

LEGO bricks guarantee great fun not only for children. Many adults, after buying a new set, are able to disappear completely for hours. All adult LEGO enthusiasts will be pleased that the company has created a new LEGO record holder.


A Visitor From Italian Soil

Till this year, the priority palm, in terms of the number of elements, was held by the spacecraft Falcon Millennium (known in the series of Star Wars movies). To see it in its full glory, 7541 blocks had to be assembled.

Currently, the new record holder is the model of the Roman Colosseum. This amphitheater was built in the first century during the reign of emperors in the Flavius dynasty. It can be admired in the capital of Italy.

Colosseum Model In A Box


A Staggering Number Of Elements

To become the owner of your own Colosseum, you will need to combine 9036 elements. This is quite a challenge, but certainly every lover of history and architecture will be delighted.

Attention To Detail

The producers have reproduced every detail of the ancient monument with great accuracy and care. In the box you will find perfectly reproduced columns, arcades, stands, rooms located under the arena, and even sidewalks or olive trees. Folding the model is an interesting form of relaxation and great fun, which can take a few hours.


Handcrafted Columns

On The Market Soon

The Colosseum model with subdued, sandy colors will be available for sale on 27 November 2020. It will be 27 cm high and 52 cm wide at about $600,00.

What do you think about this LEGO set?

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