18 Ingenious Ways How Kids Can Be Encouraged to Come to School

In some countries the new school year has already begun. School is a place where children spend most of their day. Teachers treat them like their second home. This is why some schools decided to create a homely atmosphere to make kids life better. This is where they definitely feel good and just can’t wait to go to another class!

#1 This school lends calculators. To make sure they won’t end up in the school bags they come with a peculiar protection

#2 The walls in the hall are like a whiteboard. Whenever something springs to your mind and you don’t have any paper, just write it down on the wall!

#3 This is how the problem of littering is addressed in this school

#4 A school mural that with fire extinguisher on ‘Fahrenheit 451’

#5 We all know the lockers from American movies. This school painted them to make them look like books and encourage kids to read more

#6 The mat in front of the mathematics classroom

#7 This university offers a mobile phone charging locker. You can safely leave your phone here and collect it once it’s been charged

#8 This library is equipped with noise detection system. Whenever someone talks too loud, they change their color

#9 ‘My daughter is at university and sometimes, just like a couple of other students, she takes her child with her. The campus has got special carts for kids so that they won’t get bored.’

#10 A boring corridor can be easily invigorated

#11 Kids at this school are given special coins to collect a free copy of a book

#12 Another one has got a vending machine with stationery, painkillers and other useful bits and pieces

#13 A quick revision just before the test

#14 Cookery classroom. There is a mirror over the teacher’s desk so that the students can see everything he’s doing

#15 A blind date with a book in a school library

#16 Original and comfortable seats for anyone who wants to read in the school library

#17 Slides in the University of Technology in Munich (Germany)

#18 An elastic seat adapting to any user

Which one did you like the most?

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