Mum’s Advice. 27 Hints You Will Be Grateful for Once You Have Your First Child

Motherhood means constant learning. Before you have your baby, you read lots of books, listen to a lot of advice and once your baby is born, you still have more questions than answers.
Casey Huff, a mother of three, shared some of her experience in the motherhood business over social media.  Motherhood gives each woman a lot of strength to overcome everyday hardships.

27 things each woman would like to know before having the first child

#1 Breastfeeding is the best for newborns. Mother’s milk is easily digestible and it supports appropriate growth of the child. There is no comparable replacement in terms of nutrients, vitamins, mineral salts. For nothing compares to mother’s milk!

#2 When the baby is born, you will have some time to get enough sleep. After a couple of months.

#3 Always have some chicken nuggets in the refrigerator. They will always come in handy when you have to prepare a quick dinner and you don’t have any time to do it.

#4 Always check what your kids are watching on TV. You can be sure that at least one of tunes will be catchy enough to stay in your head forever.

#5 Never question your intuition. It is usually right.

#6 Baby shoes are cute. However, they don’t need ten pairs. You child will put them on just once, and quickly lose either the left or the right one.

#7 The doctor won’t think you are a terrible mother if during the regular check-up he/she will notice that the socks don’t match each other.

Motherhood means a lot of joy thanks to the time you spent with your child.

#8 This is just you and your partner who makes the decisions related to upbringing. You don’t really have to listen anyone from the outside.

#9 Whenever you go shopping with your baby or just for a walk, always have some spare clothes. You never know what kind of surprise your baby is up to.

#10 Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. The most important thing is not to blame yourself and try to do things better next time.

#11 Don’t trust everything you read online about appropriate upbringing.

#12 First make the pancakes and only then tell your kid what shape they are. Dinosaurs formed by accident are much better than those made in molds.

#13 Stickers and coloring books are always welcome. Always keep some supplies – they kill boredom and develop creativity.

#14 90% kids sense their parents’ bad mood. If you don’t want your kid to cry, don’t cry yourself.

Playing together strengthens the bonds between mother and child.

#15 Before the baby is born, a lot of mothers make lists of things they will never do as a mum. With time they are getting shorter and shorter. Motherhood very quickly updates them.

#16 Sooner or later you will need to take a break from your kids. Of course you are going to start to miss them sooner than you think.

#17 You have to believe that your kids are very lucky to have a mother like you.

#18 Impeccable order is not a must. Do not give in to the pressure. You don’t really have to turn your house into a clinical operating theatre. A bit of dust is not deadly.

#19 You can boast about having such kids as yours on your social media. There is nothing wrong in sharing happiness.

#20 Taking a photo with all family members looking into the lens is a challenge. If you have a photo like this, keep it safe and show it to your kids once they grow up.

#21 A baby can have some bad impact on your marriage. That is why you have to take care of it, too. Your husband is really worth it.

Motherhood is a lesson of humbleness and responsibility.

#22 You don’t have to be perfect. Your kids will love you the way you are.


#23 The best days are those when you and your whole family spend the time together, with no hurry, doing nothing and wearing pajamas.

#24 Find your favorite tracksuit bottoms or leggings. Once you do, buy two pairs. Just in case you will have no time for doing the laundry.

#25 Accepting your child and loving them makes up 95% motherhood.

#26 You are a GOOD MOTHER. A really GOOD ONE. You will forget it all so many times, but it will never make you a different person.

#27 Let’s face it. Nobody can do everything at once.

What do you think about the hints? Is there anything you disagree with?

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