13 Childcare Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Raising a child can often cause parents to row. Sometimes it turns out that couples can’t calm the toddler or are overwhelmed by the enormity of their new responsibilities. American mom -Lauren Mejia – decided to deal with these problems. On TikTok, she shares her time-saving tricks that make raising her son (Brax is 22 months old) not an obstacle course.

#1 Putting on My Shoes Alone

To teach your child to put shoes on the right feet, use a sticker. Cut it in half and place its parts in the shoes. Your toddler will match the pieces of the sticker and put the shoes on calmly.


#2 In the Fight Against Mildew

You can easily prevent the growth of mold and the accumulation of dirt inside the bath toys. Just seal the visible holes with hot glue. This will prevent water from getting inside the duckies or octopus.


#3 Odor Vanishes

Is there a bad smell coming out of the diaper box? Put some baking soda in the bottom of the bin to absorb the smell.


#4 Frozen Breast Milk

When teething, a self-made toy will do the baby good. Freeze breast milk and squeeze it into a special mesh designed for serving fruit. You can also pour the milk into an ice cream container,


#5 Quick Changing

When you leave the house with your baby, gather all the things you need for changing diapers in one container. This way you won’t have to search through your entire bag to find, for example, wet wipes.


#6 Reheating Milk

How to heat up a bottle of milk on the go? Take a thermos of boiling water with you and dip your baby’s bottle in the liquid.

Michał Bożek/unsplash

#7 Teething Relief

Make a teether yourself for teething relief. Dip a small cloth in water and place in the freezer for about 10 minutes. The toy is ready.


#8 Recycling clothes

You can make a T-shirt and a bib out of old and too small onesies.


#9 Marshmallows instead of ice

Marshmallows are great for any bruises. Put them in a bag and freeze them. They are softer than ice and much more fun.


#10 Quickly Apply Sunscreen

How do you effectively apply sunscreen all over your little one’s face and get to the hot spots (e.g. nose and ears)? Use a powder or foundation brush. This application can be fun 😉 .


#11 Bibs Always on Hand

Stick a small hanger on the back of the feeding chair and place the bibs on it. That way they’re always close at hand.


#12 An Extra Bowl

Is your little one dropping food he doesn’t like on the floor during mealtimes? Place an extra bowl by his plate for unwanted food. Over time, your child will learn to put anything he doesn’t like in it.


#13 Shower Curtain Rug

If an extra bowl for unwanted food doesn’t do the job, then use another solution. Buy a shower curtain and cut it in half. Place it on the floor, and on top of it place the chair where your toddler eats meals. This way the food won’t land on the floor, and you can quickly clean the curtain.


Which trick do you find most useful?

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