23 Toys Made of Cardboard Boxes. Kids Love Them!

You don’t really need to spend a fortune on ready-made toys. You can easily make some of them yourselves! Speaking of raw materials, cardboard is a must on your check list. Rockets, washing machines, trains or a knight armor – it is all there for you to create! Don’t worry – your kids are bound to help you!

#1 A perfect cash register with a drawer

#2 An easy way to build a small hut

#3 When your child dreams of appearing on TV

#4 A cooker ready to install in your kids toy kitchen

#5 A cute washing machine finished with decorative pink tape

#6 A laptop with colorful buttons

#7 A perfect laundry room

#8 A coffee machine and a stylish cash register

#9 A fully-equipped kitchen

#10 Racing track for toy cars

#11 An arcade game unplugged

#12 A small grocery

#13 A network of mazes and tunnels

#14 A smart cash point

#15 A pizza station

#16 A candy vending machine for some special occasions

#17 A must for every single knight

#18 A doll chair

#19 A secret base

#20 The heart of the base

#21 A rocket for the youngest space explorers

#22 A castle for a small princess

#23 The first phone


An instant course in cardboard construction

Have you ever made any cardboard toys with your kids?

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