19 Ideas for an Unforgettable Movie Night in Your Garden

Kids love cartoons and movies so setting up a garden movie night for them is bound to catch on. They will be in seventh heaven watching their favorite characters and eating popcorn outside. There is no better entertainment for warm summer nights!


These two are essential for the whole enterprise. If you have no access to them, you can just put a TV on a table. Kids will love it anyway.

#1 A white bed sheet as the screen

You can fix it to the fence or a wall.

#2 A screen made of a bed sheet and PVC pipes


This is a very important part of your movie theater. There are many things in your house that can be converted into seats.

#3 Cardboard boxes looking like cars. Thanks to them the kids will feel as if they were in a drive-in theater

#4 Blankets on the lawn

#5 Cushions normally found on the garden deck chairs

#6 Inflated mattresses

#7 Making a tipi calls for much more time and effort

#8 Colorful poufs

#9 Lying in the pool


Of course a movie night won’t go without some snacks, not necessarily very healthy ones. Anything the kids can grab and hold in their small hands will do. Salty sticks, small packets of chips, muffins, small sandwiches or burgers will all do.

#1o Each child will love to see a popcorn machine there

#11 The snacks can be put on a table or a wheeled rack. The kids will be able to pick up anything they feel like having

#12 Another option is to prepare an individual set of snacks and drinks for each kid

#13 French fries served in glasses will do the trick

#14 Salty sticks clipped to a rope will look spectacular


You have to create appropriate atmosphere. To decorate the place use balloons, cushions, light chains or garden garland.


#15 Using plastic cups you can make some nice lanterns. Put electric candles inside

#16 With this red carpet the kids will feel like real stars

#17 With your children you can make paper garlands yourselves

#18 Any illuminated gadgets will be welcome


To the satisfaction of the youngest, you can dress yourself up as a popcorn delivery man.

Have you got your own ideas on how to set up a movie night for children?

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