15 Proofs That Children Live in the World of Their Own. It’s Not Always in the Same Dimension as Ours

Creativity of kids knows no limits. Everybody who has a child knows it very well. Being a parent, you have to be prepared for everything. Or even more. What you see below is just a tiny sample.

#1 My morning coffee

#2 It turned out that my daughter and her friends found my angry face funny enough to become their smartphones’ wallpaper

#3 My daughter decided to be a Tide washing capsule

#4 My niece can’t read yet. She bought the birthday card for me because she simply liked the dog. Happy birthdie!

#5 My son was supposed to number the days in months

#6 I found it terrifying. The kids were rolling on the floor laughing

#7 This is the exercise my wife does. No wonder our son began to copy

#8 My 8-year old son came running to us on the beach, shouting ‘Come on, I have found 100 dollars!’. That’s what I saw when he took me to show it

#9 My daughter used markers to put on some make-up for her dolls. I tried to wash them and now they look as if they’d had a very long night behind them

#10 My 9-year old daughter’s idea – human spice latte!

#11 When you literally hate shopping

#12 ‘It was my daughter’s reaction when she saw a ballet dancer for the first time’

#13 My kids told me that in the bathroom, near the washing machine, there was some water on the floor. I went there and that’s what I saw

#14 This is what knocked on my door

#15 When you realise it’s not all chocolate that’s brown

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