13 Tricks for a Safe Home for a Toddler. They are Followed by Parents Around the World

Bright side has a selection of smart, childproof and super safe hacks for you.

Every parent sets the safety and health of their child as a priority. That’s why it’s important to keep your home tidy and all prohibited products cleverly tucked away.

#1 Use Fastening Latches to Secure, among Other Things, the Toilet


#2 If You Use Some Fabric Paint on the Soles of Your Socks, You’ll Make Them Slip Less on the Panels


#3 A Tennis Ball Can Protect the Corners of Furniture


#4 Wooden Spoons Can Be Used to Lock Drawers


#5 A Prescription Rubber Band Is Enough to Keep Kids from Locking the Door to the Room


#6 Use a Net to Secure the Fan


#7 A Mattress Can Serve as a Cheaper Version of a Baby Gate to Restrict Access to Stairs


#8 If You’re Trying to Hide Candy from Your Kids, Hide It in a Package of Frozen Vegetables


#9 You Can Make Your Own Safety Device Out of Yarn to Keep Your Little One from Turning the Knob and Opening the Door


#10 A Scarf or Shawl Can Also Be Used to Secure the Cabinets


#11 Or a Hair Elastic


#12 Foam Noodles and a Yoga Mat on the Wall Will Protect Any Baby Who Squirms While Sleeping


#13 Use a Medicine Container to Hide Candy

these containers usually have special caps that your child can’t handle


Do you have your favorite trick that help keep your child safe?

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