13 Fun Photos that Perfectly Sum Up Family Life in General, Best Things Caught on Camera

Family life is full of many funny situations and unforeseen events. Check out the gallery and see what parents have to deal with every day and what they do when one of them is left alone with their kids 😉 .

#1 I Had to Borrow My Wife’s Phone…she Said Her Password Was Our Anniversary. I Returned the Phone and Said I Don’t Know What Happened

StarskyAndHutch / reddit

#2 “When Your Wife Takes Her Daughter Shopping and She Picks Out a Dress Like This” – Proud Dad


#3 When You Ask the Kids to Take the Books Upstairs and They Barricade the Entrance to the Bedroom


#4 When the Nursery Lady Tells Your Wife to Dress Her Daughter More Like a Girl


#5 When You Get a Car From Your Wife and You Decide to Do a Photo Shoot With It 😉


#6 When You Leave for Work in the Morning and Notice With Horror That You Are Not Alone in the Car


#7 When Your Wife Asks You Which Shade of Red Is the Prettiest


#8 The Husband (About 6.5 F Tall) And Wife (About 5.5 F Tall) In the Same Bathrobe


#9 The Wife’s Gathered Hair Decorated the Baby’s Head 😉


#10 Husband’s T-Shirt Transformed Into a Dark Dress 😉


#11 When You Stay Home Alone With Your Son


#12 Toddler Needs to Know His Future Kingdom 😉


#13 When Mom Finally Goes to Work 😉


Best family pictures, have you got some?

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