13 Amazing Facts about Newborns. Most Parents Are Not Aware Of Them

The arrival of a toddler into the world is a great happiness for both parents. At that time, we carefully look at our offspring and study every part of his body. These observations can lead to many interesting discoveries. 😉

#1 Crying Without Tears

Newborns cry a lot, but tears do not flow down their cheeks. They do not yet have fully developed tear ducts. Tears only moisten the eyes and do not flow out of them. Changes arrive after about 3-4 weeks after birth, when the newborn turns into an infant.


#2 Lack of Kneecaps

Babies are born without properly formed kneecaps. Instead, they have cartilage that will form into bone over the months.


#3 Sensitivity to the Mother’s Voice

While still in the mother’s womb, the baby hears everything she says perfectly and becomes accustomed to the sound of her voice. This makes them feel much safer. It has been proven that talking to a baby while it is still in the womb has a positive effect on its language development in later years.


#4 Short-sighted

Newborns can see at a distance of about 7-11 inches. This is far enough to see the mother’s face. It is only with time that their vision sharpens.


#5 Record-Breakers in Terms of Bones

Newborn babies have about 300 bones. This is significantly more than adults, who have about 206. It is only with the passage of time that some toddler bones begin to fuse together.


#6 It’s All about the Brain

Interestingly, boys and girls develop at different rates. This is due to the brain. Girls usually start talking faster, are more eager to learn about their surroundings and are more sensitive. Boys, on the other hand, acquire motor skills sooner.


#7 Crawling Towards the Breast

When a newborn baby is placed on its mother’s body, it will immediately start crawling towards her breast. This is an instinct that tells them to find food to survive.


#8 Salt is not for Children

Toddlers have a developed sense of taste, but with one exception: they do not taste salt. They are able to appreciate salty foods only from about 4 months of age.


#9 Excellent Swimmers

Babies are born with the natural ability to swim. It does not disappear until around 6-7 months of age. Due to being in fetal waters for 9 months, they feel comfortable in a “wet environment.” 😉


#10 Weight Loss

Newborn babies lose weight within the first few days of life (they lose about 5-10% of their body weight). This is quite normal. Weight gain is usually noted after the third day.


#11 Blue-Eyed Babies

Most toddlers are born with blue eyes. Even if their parents have dark irises. This is because the production of melamine, responsible for the color of the eyes, begins only a few weeks or months after birth. Most interestingly, the color of a child’s eyes can change up to the age of 5.


#12 Eyelids Open

It is common for newborns to sleep with their eyes half-open. This may look a little scary, but it shouldn’t be alarming. Toddlers have their eyelids tilted when they enter the REM sleep phase. It is not known exactly why this happens, but the phenomenon itself disappears when the child is 1.5-2 years old.


#13 Elastic Membrane

The fontanel (the membrane connecting the bones of the skull) has a very important function. When not yet fully formed, it allows the baby’s head to squeeze through the birth canal. It is flexible and can adapt its shape to the size of the birth canal.


Which fact did you have no idea about at all?

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