11 Fantastic Games and Experiments You Can Do at Home

Any ideas for new games are always priceless. Thanks to creativity of other people we can entertain our own kids. We hope that this bunch of examples presented below will be a good inspiration for you to have a good time with your children.

#1 Streets on the floor


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Using insulation tape (the narrower, the better) you can mark a city map for your child’s toy cars.

#2 Hopscotch

You can mark the hopscotch on your floor with painter’s tape for example. Just get some space on the floor – the very preparation stage will be fun itself!

#3 Paper plane competition

On a large piece of paper cut out a few round holes of various diameter. The planes won’t get stuck to the target – they will simply fly through, which is the aim of the game. Of course apart from having good eyesight you need to be good at making paper planes!

#4 Paper table tennis

All you need is toilet paper rolls and disposable paper plates. Than inflate a balloon and you can play it!

#5 Liquid fireworks


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What you need here is a jar of water, oil and food coloring agents. The jar has to be half-full.
In a separate dish mix the coloring agents with oil.
Now gently pour the colored oil into the water and that’s it!

#6 Nail-polished cardboard

Cut out a hand from a piece of cardboard and let your girls polish the nails there.

#7 Ball slide

The list of materials include toilet paper rolls, pieces of cardboard and painter’s tape. Kids can build everything themselves.

#8 Pool noodle slide


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If you have some old pool noodles, you can cut them in two to get two pieces of the slide.

#9 Balloon rockets


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This one is a great combination of science and fun.
What you need is a balloon, a drink straw and a string. Pull the string through the straw and stick the straw to the balloon. Fix one piece of the string to anything on the wall or furniture, and the other end to the balloon that you don’t do up.

#10 A spider game

Make the spider’s web with painter’s tape. Make sure that the sticky side is on one side of the web only.
Children throw paper balls (made of old newspapers for example) through the web. The one whose balls go through, wins.

#11 Learning to write

Sometimes some sugar poured all over a tray is enough to create a whiteboard to let your children practice writing!

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