10 Ways to Spend Time With Your Kids. Finally Parents Will Have a Moment to Take a Deep Breath

Spending time with kids doesn’t really have to be difficult. Some parents display a great deal of imagination and creativity only to entertain their children. Interestingly, the activities are also a good chance for the parents to have a spare moment for themselves.

The solution is very often very near. All the little things around us, seemingly useless, can be really useful to do all the everyday things. Here come top 10 creative parents who know how to entertain their kids.

#1 Private pool for the kid – as simple as that!

#2 A colourful plane window helps you keep your kiddo occupied at least for a while

#3 Empty tissue box turned into lunch box.

#4 A clock that tells the time and reminds of what must be done

#5 A six-pack converted into an organiser

#6 The easiest way to give your child a chance to develop his/her artistic potential

#7 The quickest way to keep the toys clean

#8 Need a help in the garden? Just make sure they have is brushes and water. No paint!

#9 They will always doodle something on the wall. Remember to have enough paper!

#10 A common fitted sheet protecting your kid against the sun

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