10 Kids With Unexpected Skills Whose Parents Have Extraordinary Patience

Oh children… they are a source of great happiness and some unpredicted stress at times. Every so often, a person gets caught up in the way these charming creatures come up with such wild ideas. See for yourself what they can paint when they are unattended!

#10 “and I Can Put My Head in There, Why Not?”


#9 The Kid Came up With a Crafty Maze Solution!

#8 “Gaga Ggu” Oh, What’s This?


#7 When You Find the Pants in the Toilet After You Ask the Little One To Help You With the Laundry


#6 “I Asked the Children To Help Me With The Eggs in The Fridge”


#5 Take the Kids To Work Day…


#4 This Is Not How You Blow Out Candles…


#3 Never Bathe Children on the Same Day You Stocked up on Toilet Paper


#2 So My New Xbox and My Kid Already Met ……


#1 When You Get Distracted and Kid Is up the Wall, Literally……


Let us know how you get on with your parenting in the comments below 😁.

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