Christmas Jelly Shots

Mix ingredients according to the tutorial to get these special, party shots!

Dino Serving Plate

Find plastic dinosaur toy and combine it with a plate to gain funny serving plate not only for kiddo.

Geoboard Fabric Loops

Find pegboard, screws and fabric loops and turn them into developing D.I.Y. toy for your kiddo.

Wood Rainbow Rocker

Use plywood and box of food coloring to make a marvelous ‘play furniture’.

Doughnut Cake

Turn doughnuts into incredibly delicious cake!

Penny Office Desk

Collect a dozen of pennies to create marvelous shining surface to your desk.

Modern Geometric Candles

Prepare geometric templates and fill them with melted wax to create fancy candles.

Colorful Pouf

Grab some fabric and use your sewing skills to make a comfy seat!

Pallet Christmas Tree

Find eco-pallet, nice Christmas ornaments and light to form shining Christmas tree.