Glitter Snowball

Turn balloons and string into…charming and shining Christmas decorations!

Lego Candy Dispenser

Use easy to find lego pieces and build sweets dispenser for your kiddo.

Rustic Snowflake

Connect few little twigs to create these adorable ornaments!

3D Paper Balls

Use colorful paper to make beautiful shatterproof balls!

Homemade Stone Shower

Use a dozen of pebble stones to change your white shower into stylish stone oasis.


Prepare delicious mixture of butter, cream cheese, vanilla and sugar to get a mouth-watering delicacy!

Fabric Snack Bags

Follow this tutorial to sew reusable, colorful snack pockets!

Carseat Cleaner

Mix soda, vinegar and soap to remove stains in you car!

Wood Spice Rack

Use one side of your pantry door and install homemade spice cabinet on it.

Tea Lights Heater

Use a flower pots and candles to make homemade source of heat.

Berry Christmas Pavlova

Put some red fruits and white cream on the meringue to make this beautiful Christmas dessert!