Little Yarn Hats

Wind yarn onto strips of toilet paper rolls to make these cute tiny hats!

Circus Paper Ornament

Cut the paper into strips and combine them using needle and thread to create beautiful paper Christmas tree ornament!

Kids’ Wooden Wall

Reuse wood pallet and the old ladder to make charming wood wall to your kiddo!

Indelible Painted Mugs

Grab few colors of the oil based paint pens and draw favorites shapes on the mug.

Best Sugar Cookies

Mix correct proportions of ingredients in this right way to prepare best cookies!

Fancy Dog House

Collect all necessary supplies and make super cozy house for your dog with extra roof top deck!

3D Paper Star Wreath

Cut out of paper little stars and connect them to make this adorable wreath!

Natural Air Freshener

Mix baking soda and essential oil to make these little air refreshing containers!

Coffee Creamer

Use sweetened condensed milk and your favorite flavor to have a delicious coffee!