Sweet Sock Owl

Prepare some colorful socks and create this adorable, lush woodland resident.

Homemade iPhone Wallet

Choose your favourite fabric and follow the instruction to make an iPhone wallet.

Homemade Febreeze

Mix inexpensive ingredients to make this room freshener!

Car Racing Tunnel

Find an old cardboard box and turn it into super easy and fun car sports tunnel for kids.

Carrot & Apple Jam

Prepare all necessary ingredients and check out this easy and delicious recipe.

Letters & Photos Block

Transfer pictures and letter on the wood block to get this original decoration!

Little Wood House

You can use an old trailer frame to build this adorable tiny wood house.

Cardboard Box Tank

Reuse an old cardboard box and change it into a funny tank for your kitten.

Mexican White Cheese Dip

Mix white American cheese with some other, delicious ingredients to enjoy the taste.