Natural Air Freshener

Mix baking soda and essential oil to make these little air refreshing containers!

Coffee Creamer

Use sweetened condensed milk and your favorite flavor to have a delicious coffee!

Twigs Christmas Tree

Find some stick in various length and attach them into wall to create one of the kind Christmas tree.

Books Christmas Tree

Find a dozen of old books and sort them out into christmas tree shape .

Yarn Wrapped Star

Cut paper into star and wrap it using yarn to create marvelous Christmas ornaments.

Skin Moisturizer

Mix only natural ingredients to get this solution for skin issues!

Onion Windowsill Plantation

Fill the empty bottle with layers of onion sprouts and soil to gain your own vertical green garden.

Modern Christmas Decoration

Cut color paper into strips and combine them using clinch to create decorative Christmas ornaments.

Almond Milk

Prepare fresh, raw almonds and make a delicious and healthy almond milk!