15 Reliable Ideas How to Reuse Jars. 15 Stunningly Beautiful Examples of DIY Recycling

We often buy foods in jars. However, once it is eaten, there is a problem, namely what to do with the containers. Of course instead of throwing them into waste glass bins, there are many other options. For example, they can be used to store a number of bits and pieces scattered now all over your drawers or use them to freeze soup for longer storage.

#1 Muffin cases finally in order

#2 Attach some little figures on the top of the lids and paint them a desired color. This is how you can convert your jars into an interesting bathroom decoration

#3 Keep all your tailoring accessories like threads, pins, needles, and buttons in one place

#4 Jars will be irreplaceable in an artist’s workshop. They will be perfect for storing brushes, pencils or crayons

#5 If your child loves drawing, you can easily convert it into a huge sharpener

#6 Jars are a good option to store tea leaves…

#7 … and tea bags

#8 If you freeze your soups to store them, jars are fantastic containers as long as you don’t fill them full as liquids increase their volume after freezing. If you do, the jar will break

#9 Forget plastic boxes. Jars are much better to store small fruit and vegetables

#10 A stylish toothbrush stand

#11 Great containers for organizing screws, washers and nails

#12 They are also great to store hair accessories (hair rollers, terry hair ties, clips, etc.) and small cosmetics (eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras)

#13 Use jars to store cutlery, wooden spoons and spatulas

#14 A fantastic option to store tea lights

#15 Paint them any color and store your stationery there (scissors, pens, paper clips, business cards and highlighters)


This is how you can easily turn jars into practical tissue dispensers

Do you use jars to store anything else?

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