11 Things You Keep at Home That Should Be Thrown Away as Soon as Possible!

You might think your house is a nice and cosy place. What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be so true? Somewhere in your kitchen drawers there must be some plastic knives and spoons. The chest of drawers hides some old cosmetics that haven’t been thrown away cause ‘you never know what might come in handy’.

Let’s put an end to it! These are the things you have to get rid of! The sooner, the better for you!

#1 Air refreshers

There are several air refreshers that contain toxins somehow absent from the labels. If you want fresher air in your toilet, you’d better say goodbye to the chemicals and replace them with something natural, for example essential oils or perfume sachets.

# 2 Plastic dishes

Plastic dishes are light and thanks to them you don’t have to worry about washing a pile of plates and cups after a party. Like it or not, plastic is harmful both for us and for the planet. Today you can easily find paper cups and plates as well as wooden cutlery. That is why for your next barbecue you can use a more ecological solution.

#3 Old magazines, postcards and documents


If you still keep some old magazines or meaningless postcards, you’d better throw them away today. I know that from time to time they come in handy, but in fact they do nothing but collect dust and clutter your house.

#4 Old carpets

Carpets collect dust and they should be cleaned at least twice a week. Unfortunately most of us don’t have enough time. Rolling them and storing them is not a solution because they will still pick up dust and occupy a lot of space. Again, disposing them is the best option.

#5 Plastic flowers

Plants give the rooms a warm touch as long as they are not made of plastic. Even if you are a terrible gardener, do not go for plastic plants as an alternative. Instead, why don’t you choose succulents or cactuses, as they are not very demanding? Everything you get from fake plants is dust and terrible interior image. Besides, they fade and simply speaking look bad.

#6 Towels in the bathroom

138 Master Bath with Wine Bottle Towel Rack

If you have a lot of towels, you’d better store them in a cabinet or a wardrobe. Bathrooms are usually warm and dump, which makes them a perfect environment for bacteria growth.

# 7 Bathroom curtains that have never been washed

Scientists warn that the soap foam and other cosmetics deposit might turn into bacteria hotbed, causing several infections especially in case of people with weak immune system. Clean the curtain regularly with baking soda and vinegar. When they are really old and dirty, you’d better throw them away.

#8 Nail polish containing suspicious substances

A number of nail polish products contain toluene, formaldehyde and other hazardous substances. Beauticians are very often exposed to serious diseases as they have to work using these products. That is why you will often see them wearing protective face masks. Before you buy new nail polish, please read the manufacturer’s instructions. If you can’t figure out what is safe and what is not, ask your beautician.
If you have some old cosmetics, just throw them away.

#9 Cosmetics past their sell-by date

You should never use old cosmetics as they might cause some undesired effects. Moisturising balm may not protect your skin and face creams can lose their hydrating properties. Make-up cosmetics might cause rash or skin irritation.

#10 Overloaded extension cables

We have got at least a few of them. However, we tend to forget how they work. An overloaded extension cable might even cause a fire. In a less dramatic scenario you can tumble upon tangled cords and get injured.

#11 Fold-out couch beds

Urbane Residents / Maple / Two Bedroom / Monica

The older we get, the more comfort our bodies need, for example while sleeping. Perhaps it is high time we replaced our old couch with a comfy bed. Fold-out beds collect a lot of dust and bacteria as they are often uncovered during the day.
Have you decided to start cleaning right now?

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