Old tricks that always work. Every homemade cake will be delicious!

    Old tricks that always work. Every homemade cake will be delicious!

    Old tricks that always work. Every homemade cake will be delicious!
    10:19 AM EDT, April 19, 2020

    Baking, like any other skills, is for everyone. Don’t worry if you are not successful at first attempt. All you need is to know what kind of mistakes you have to avoid. There are always things you can do better. The tricks below will help you bake some delicious cakes. Who knows, maybe you will try them really soon?

    How to become a baking champion? Have a look at a few tricks that will show you the way to do it


    Appropriate baking temperature

    This is one of the key things while baking cakes. It’s not just about the oven temperature, but also about the temperature of the ingredients!

    Eggs at room temperature:

    - Use eggs of room temperature to bake a lovely sponge cake

    - Eggs of room temperature are also recommended for yeast-based cakes

    Cold eggs or butter:

    - Cold eggs are good for faster whipping the egg whites

    - Cold butter and eggs are used for crumbly cakes

    - Cold cream and cottage cheese are good for whipped cream

    While reading the recipe always pay attention to temperature information!

    Always grease the cake pans


    Nobody likes the cake adhering to the pan. If you want to avoid this nasty situation, just grease the pan with butter, margarine or another fat.

    Cake decorating


    The cake didn’t go well? Don’t worry, you can still ‘save’ it with appropriate decoration. The fresh look of the cake is really important. If the sponge cake didn’t grow (or it grew too big) you can sprinkle it with powdered sugar, pour some chocolate glaze all over or fill the uneven spots with some cream. Both cream and glaze can be used to create some patterns on them, using a simple toothpick or a fork. Don’t forget about some sprinkles, wafers or edible flowers. You can get an easy-to-make but still original pattern using a tray cloth and sprinkling cocoa or powder sugar through it.

    Remember that to decorate your cakes some expensive utensils can be replaced with such basic items as a syringe


    Get yourself a few useful gadgets that will make the baking much easier


    Don’t forget that without appropriate forms or pans baking is simply impossible. That is why

    before you become another Master Chef you need to invest a little bit in the kitchen utensils, for example pans with non-stick coating, silicone spatulas, a mixer with adjustable speed, plastic bowls for whipping or oven thermometer to make sure that the oven works properly.


    If you are going to cook really often, get a flour sieve. It looks like a mug and has a sieve on its bottom.

    Storing cakes

    If you want your cakes to stay delicious, all you need to do is to keep them in a closed container with a piece of an apple inside. The cake will absorb the fruit water and stay fresh much longer.

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