11 Ways of Changing Old Bottles into House Decoration

    11 Ways of Changing Old Bottles into House Decoration

    4:22 AM EDT, June 19, 2024

    In every house you will easily find quite a few glass bottles. As we all know, recycling these days is a really important issue. So what would you say about trying to give the bottles a chance for a new life? In fact there are several ways you can use them to decorate your house or apartment. Today we will show you 11 ways in which you can turn glass bottles into beautiful and creative decoration.

    #1 Hanging vases


    Just a little bit of creativity and with a couple of bottles you can arrange a lot of wall space.

    #2 A very special photo frame


    You can easily close your best memories inside a bottle and use it as a decorating accessory. You must admit that this unconventional bottle looks great!

    #3 Just bottles


    Though it is not as original as the ideas shown above, bottles can be used simply as… bottles! That is a nice replacement of standard glasses which, decorated properly, looks really good at any kind of party.

    #4 A decorative vase


    Just a bit of glue and some spray paint will turn an ordinary bottle into an extraordinary flower vase.

    #5 A vase with a decorative pattern


    Another idea how a bottle can be upgraded, this time white paint with an ornament cut out of a newspaper. Doesn’t it look spectacular?

    #6 Spray bottles


    A spray bottle made of glass will definitely last much longer than its plastic counterpart.

    #7 Winter decoration


    A white vase again. This time covered with salt dough. A spectacular winter interior decor.

    #8 A candle holder


    All you need is your spray paint in your favorite color and that’s it!

    #9 Feeding birds


    Isn’t it a wonderful idea?

    #10 A glass


    A common bottle can be also turned into a really special glass.

    #11 A kerosene lamp


    Something for fans of DIY and illumination accessories – a lamp in a bottle!

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