Nomophobia – A New Civilization Disease of 21st Century. It Affects People Who Are Addicted to Using a Smartphone

    Nomophobia – A New Civilization Disease of 21st Century. It Affects People Who Are Addicted to Using a Smartphone

    Nomophobia – A New Civilization Disease of 21st Century. It Affects People Who Are Addicted to Using a Smartphone
    8:17 PM EDT, March 19, 2023, updated: 7:13 AM EDT, March 21, 2023

    Most people these days simply cannot imagine their life without a smartphone. Though the advantages of this device are unquestionable, there are some serious drawbacks entailed.

    Jonas Leupe/unsplash
    Jonas Leupe/unsplash

    The disease of the 21st century

    Nomophobia (an abbreviated form of no-mobile-phone-phobia) is a new civilization disease. People suffering from it feel fear and anxiety whenever they are deprived of phones and being able to use all their functionalities.


    The fear of losing reception

    Nomophobia causes a great deal of mental discomfort. People struggling with this condition begin to feel fear whenever their phone is not at sight, or even at hand. A low battery, no reception or lack of Internet access are all enough to cause a panic attack. This condition affects people who are addicted to their smartphones and as a result impedes many common everyday activities.


    These are the most common symptoms of nomophobia:

    • nausea,

    • shivers,

    • trembling hands

    • pains in chest

    • increased anxiety

    • headaches and dizziness

    • mood swings

    • fury and aggression attacks

    • increased heart beat


    Constantly in touch

    People suffering from nomophobia are afraid of losing contact with their friends and the rest of the world. The very thought of being disconnected from the internet petrifies them. This condition can deteriorate their relationship with friends and family and, obviously, may also affect their professional life.


    People experiencing nomophobia:

    • constantly check the battery level,

    • use their phones even when it's not appropriate

    • take their smartphones everywhere they go, toilets included

    • have a great need to be constantly in touch with all their friends

    • aggressively respond even if someone suggests that they should put the phone away.

    The term 'nomophobia' was first used in 2008  but it is still not officially considered a medical disorder. At this point it is just an attempt to define a phobia already present in society.

    Do you know anyone who displays similar symptoms to those typical for nomophobia?
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