Natural Ways to Clean and Disinfect the Kitchen Sink. The Nasty Smell Will Soon Be Gone!

    Natural Ways to Clean and Disinfect the Kitchen Sink. The Nasty Smell Will Soon Be Gone!

    Natural Ways to Clean and Disinfect the Kitchen Sink. The Nasty Smell Will Soon Be Gone!
    7:30 PM EDT, June 15, 2020

    Kitchen sink is one of favourite spots for bacteria and other germs. No surprise. This is where we wash the dishes, fruit and vegetables to get rid of… bacteria and germs. What is more, all the sponges and cloths kept there are bacteria hotbed. How can we take care of the sink then? We’ve got a few clues for you.

    We all do our best to keep the kitchen nice and clean on everyday basis. Unfortunately, we often keep some dirty dishes in the sink, for example those that have to wait for their dishwasher’s turn. Or those that will never end up in a dishwasher because we don’t have one. Unfortunately, swiping the dirt off the sink is not enough.

    Your sink requires thorough cleaning once a week. If you don’t use it very often, you can do it every two weeks. If you want to keep it clean, you need to follow a few steps:


    # Use a sponge and carefully clean the whole sink

    # If you notice any stains, remove them

    # All you need to remove most of stains is mixture of vinegar and baking soda or lemon and baking soda.

    # Moisten the sink with a lemon and vinegar, sprinkle some baking soda, wait a few minutes, scrub it with a soft cloth and wash it.

    # Baking soda and lemon, apart from cleaning properties, also kill off bacteria.

    # Remove stains as soon as they appear. Keep some baking soda at hand so that you can sprinkle some over the stain the moment it appear.

    Vinegar disinfection

    # Close the sink drain, let is some hot water and vinegar

    # This is going to kill all microorganisms.

    # Remember to wear protective rubber gloves

    # Don’t forget to clean the tap before you let the water down.

    # This will also descale the sink

    A nasty smell from the drain

    While bacteria can’t be seen, the disgusting smell from the drain is something you will notice for sure. It is because of the food leftovers residing down there. This problem refers to kitchens equipped with dishwashers. Sinks hardly ever get flushed with huge amounts of water. this makes the residue accumulate and simply decay in the piping system.

    1. Boiling water

    Pour some boiling water down the drain every single day. This will help water travel more freely in the system.[/caption]
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    2. Lemon

    Pour some lemon juice directly into the drain. After a couple of minutes pour warm water. this is how you will get rid of the stench.

    3. Baking soda

    Pour baking soda into the drain. Gently pour in some hot water, and then wash it well with running water. The sink will clog less often and the baking soda will prevent nasty smells.

    4. Vinegar

    If the stench is really persistent, pour baking soda into the drain and then pour pure vinegar. Wash it with water afterwards.

    5. Extra strainer basket

    You can get a thicker strainer basket to stop larger chunks of food going down.

    It is recommended that you clean the swivel trap once a year to remove the residue from there which is also a source of bad smells.

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