A Natural Remedy for Mosquitoes in the Pond

    A Natural Remedy for Mosquitoes in the Pond

    A Natural Remedy for Mosquitoes in the Pond
    12:51 AM EDT, August 14, 2022, updated: 8:24 AM EDT, August 16, 2022

    These seemingly innocuous pools of water provide food and a safe environment for mosquito larvae. This makes them an ideal habitat for mosquitoes to lay eggs and reproduce. The presence of humans in or near the water, in this case, is just a bonus. Because even without you, they will have in such a place like paradise. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of them fairly easily.

    The Way to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in a Pond

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    envii .co.uk

    There are several easy ways to get rid of mosquitoes and their larvae naturally. Especially on getting rid of the latter you should focus on. Once they are gone, the problem with adults should also disappear.

    Apply a Pet-Friendly Insecticide in the Water

    Rather, you should avoid using chemical insecticides near your pond. A good alternative here would be a bacterial insecticide, as these products kill mosquito larvae, but do not harm birds, fish or other animals. Anything that contains bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI) will do very well. These agents are effective for up to 30 days.

    There are, of course, those who point out that adding a few drops of bleach will solve the problem with mosquitoes and their larvae. But you are then exposing to serious poisoning or even death any other living organisms that come into contact with the bleach. We strongly discourage this method if there are fish in the water and animals using it.

    Keep the Pond Water Movement

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    envii .co.uk

    This is probably the number one rule when it comes to avoiding mosquitoes in the pond. Mosquito eggs cannot survive in water that is constantly flowing or circulating, so stagnant pond water is an ideal place for mosquitoes to breed.

    If you want to prevent mosquitoes from breeding, simply add an electric aeration pump or fountain to create movement in the water. As an added benefit, increased aeration of the pond water will make it healthier for fish or ornamental plants.

    Algae Control

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    envii .co.uk

    When mosquito larvae hatch, they need a food source to stimulate their growth. Ponds, if not very carefully cared for, often have sizable layers of algae, which are great for mosquito growth. By eliminating this food source, you can keep mosquitoes away and also make your pond look more aesthetically pleasing. Try using an algae remover to get rid of the organic matter.

    Other Presence of Animals Around

    Fish, Jerusalem artichokes, tadpoles, frogs and the like love to eat mosquito larvae, and their presence can help reduce the population of larvae and pupae. It is best to consult your local pet store for the best species in this regard, the selection should be sizable.

    Plant plants by the pond that mosquitoes can't tolerate

    Lavender, mint, basil, mosquito plant effectively repel mosquitoes. Keep plants that effectively repel mosquitoes close to the pond, and there will be fewer mosquitoes.

    Trim the Surrounding Vegetation

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    envii .co.uk

    Adult mosquitoes thrive in areas with moist, lush vegetation that often surrounds ponds. If you keep these areas clean, mosquitoes will be less likely to stay and lay eggs in the pond. Be sure to regularly trim overgrown vegetation and remove weeds and dead plants if you want to keep mosquitoes away from your pond.

    Many Types of Oils

    Neem oil is deadly to mosquito, but environmentally friendly. Mix a few drops in the water if you see mosquito larvae.

    Similarly, cinnamon oil is safe for the atmosphere, but deadly to mosquito larvae and other parasites. Just pour a few drops into the pond when you see mosquito larvae, but only if you don't have fish in it.

    Olive oil and vegetable oil mixed in equal proportions also kills mosquitoes. But we do not recommend applying it to a pond used by other animals or where there are fish.

    Good luck!

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