Mystery Capsules Have Appeared in German City. They Are to Help the Homeless Survive the Winter

    Mystery Capsules Have Appeared in German City. They Are to Help the Homeless Survive the Winter

    11:16 PM EST, January 30, 2021

    One of the biggest problems with homelessness is the survival during the cold winter months. Therefore, the German team Ulmer Nest has developed an intriguing way to solve this problem.

    Help for the Needy


    Mystery capsules appeared in a German city. They are to help the homeless
    Many homeless people are unwilling or unable to use shelters for psychological reasons or having a pet. At night, they are exposed to many dangers, especially during the winter. Therefore, the city of Ulm has launched a creative program to help homeless people find emergency shelter at night. The unique "nests" are designed for long-term use and provide warmth and security for the person inside.

    Help for the needy, the project started in 2019 and is currently still being developed by the Ulmer Nest team. It wants to simplify the construction of nests as much as possible and significantly increase their number in the city


    They are made of wood and sheet steel and are lockable from the inside, and the entire construction draws energy from solar panels. They are also equipped with sensors that inform the staff of Caritas Ulm-Alb-Donau that it has been used. They will then try to inform the people who used it about offers of help for the homeless and prepare it for the next night.

    The city authorities reacted very positively to the initiative of the Ulmer Nest team. Unfortunately, homelessness is a big problem in the 120,000 pop. city of Ulm


    There is enough room inside for a homeless for one person to store their belongings or sleep together with their beloved pet.


    Every morning, employees clean them to maintain a high standard of hygiene inside the nests


    What do you think of home initiative for homeless?

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