Mysterious Skyscrapers Without Windows Can Be Seen in Different Parts of the World

    Mysterious Skyscrapers Without Windows Can Be Seen in Different Parts of the World

    3:40 PM EDT, August 28, 2022, updated: 4:48 PM EDT, August 28, 2022

    In some places around the world you can see skyscrapers without windows. What are they used for? What is their purpose? The answer seems trivial 😉 .

    Mysterious windowless skyscrapers are found in Germany, Japan, China and the UK, among other places. They fire the imagination and many people have their own theories about their purpose. In addition, the whole matter is heated up by the fact that they are being erected on the territory of large global corporations.

    Towers to Test Elevators

    Meanwhile, these slender buildings are towers for testing elevators and there are no secret laboratories inside them 😉 Nowadays, builders are creating faster and faster elevators and there is a need for places to test their operation and the high speed at which they move.

    Historic Test Building

    The first tower where elevators were tested was built in 1888. It was built by the Otis company in Yonkers (USA). Of course, it was used to conduct tests of the world's first electric elevators. These inventions were able to lift one person up at a speed of 1.6 foot per second.

    Blind Skyscrapers in the World

    twistter. @AbroadInJapan
    twistter. @AbroadInJapan

    Currently, the largest skyscraper without windows is located in China (Guangzhou city). It is called H1 Tower and was built for the Hitachi corporation. Its parameters are impressive:

    • 947 F - that's how high it is,
    • 820 F - this is how long the elevator shaft is.

    Meanwhile, in Europe you will see a similar tower in Germany (in the city of Rottweil). Testturm is 807 feet tall and belongs to the Thyssenkrupp corporation.

    Another interesting structure stands in Japan (in the city of Inazawa). SOLAE Test Tower belongs to Mitsubishi and is 567 feet tall.

    Another tower worth noting is located in China (Kunshan city). It is 770 feet high and was built for the Finnish company Kone. The high-speed elevator in the tower moves at speeds of up to 10 m/s.

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