15 Mysterious Objects. Many People Have No Idea What They Were Used For

    15 Mysterious Objects. Many People Have No Idea What They Were Used For

    1:02 PM EDT, May 9, 2022

    What is it? What is it used for? Sometimes being in some new place or just in the attic of the family house we "discover" some mysterious objects of unknown use.

    If you are attracted to such things in this gallery you will feel like in paradise.

    #1 Is This Something Indecent?


    Answer. It's a type of special pillow, called a neck stretch.

    #2 Why are These Bars Curved at the Bottom?


    Answer. Those curves are made for putting flowers there.

    #3 What is This?


    Answer. It is used to divide things into equal parts. Place one point on one end of the thing you are dividing, and then choose how many parts you want it to be divided into.

    #4 This Looks Like a Torpedo. is it Used for Something in the Kitchen?


    Answer. This is used to shred meat when frying in a pan.

    #5 What Kind of Hole is This?


    Answer. It's a hole for a vacuum cleaner hose. This house at one point had a central vacuum system.

    #6 What is This Used For?


    Answer. It's a squeezer for lemons and limes.

    #7 Is it Some Kind of Cutter?


    Answer. It is a group locking device. It is placed on the switch when several people are working on the equipment to prevent them from turning on the equipment.

    #8 What is This?


    Answer. It's a sealer for the edges of a cake.

    #9 What are Glove-like Boards?


    Answer. It is a drying rack for gloves.

    #10 What is This Lovely Object?


    Answer. It's a mouth harmonica in a case.

    #11 What is The Little “Pen" Used for?


    Answer. You can twist the pointy part with this so it sticks out of the handle, and use it to separate hair.

    #12 This Thing Looks Like Alien Antennae….


    Answer. It is used to dry and fill reusable bags with a zipper closure.

    #13 What is This Pretty Shell?


    Answer. It is a menstrual calendar.

    #14 What is it? It Looks a Little bit Like a Heart


    Answer. It's a part made of LEGO bricks. It comes from the Duplo playset.

    #15 What is it?


    Answer. It WAS a drinking cup or refill that melted in the dishwasher.

    What surprised you the most?

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