10 Most Beautiful Garden Climbers. They Are So Cute That Picking the Prettiest Is Really Hard!

    10 Most Beautiful Garden Climbers. They Are So Cute That Picking the Prettiest Is Really Hard!

    10 Most Beautiful Garden Climbers. They Are So Cute That Picking the Prettiest Is Really Hard!
    8:25 PM EDT, May 30, 2023, updated: 6:25 PM EDT, June 1, 2023

    Climbers are the pride of many gardens and parks. Especially the blooming ones are particularly common. Take a look at those considered to be the most beautiful!

    Perennial climbers

    Perennials wintering in the gardens ought to be covered. This helps them endure the harshest moments. They should be planted in the fall. However, those more sensitive ought to be planted in the spring.

    Fertilizers containing potassium will stimulate their propagation while those rich in nitrogen will support their growth.

    In case of abundant flowering, phosphorus-enriched fertilizers will do.

    All climbers prefers spots from moderate to very good sun exposure.

    #1 Cow itch vine/ Trumpet vine

    It usually has trumpet-shaped red and orange flowers. There are also creamy and yellow types.

    It is only the annual stems that bloom, from June to September, sometimes even until first frost.

    It prefers sunny spots without drafts.

    Just like ivy, it has got adventitious roots and holds on to anything. It needs pruning.

    It survives winters. Only the stems that don’t manage to go woody freeze. In the spring make sure they are removed.

    It is also resistant to pests.

    Please note that cow itch vine contains a substance that may irritate skin. You’d better wear gloves while taking care of it.


    #2 Honeysuckle

    An overwintering perennial, blooming from mid-June till September.

    It grows best in sunny spots, but moderate shades are tolerated, too. It needs to be watered in dry periods. The plant grows up to 3 – 5 meters, depending on variety. It tolerates cutting, so we can control the places that are not to be covered.

    The flowers come in a variety of colors and smell wonderful.

    Unfortunately, it is often infested by aphids and mildew.


    #3 Japanese wisteria

    Another perennial climber that overwinters in the garden, with wonderfully smelling flowers.

    It is native to Japan and Korea.

    It prefers sunny, exposed places, blooming from may till June. Its flowers, similar to grapes, are not only large, but in the first place their scent is gorgeous. They can be white, blue or violet.

    Although it might freeze in a harsh winter, but it will grow again from its roots.

    It can be pruned as it stimulates blossoming. It grows up to 10 meters.

    Be careful! All parts of the plant are poisonous.


    #4 Clematis (Traveller’s joy)

    By far, this is one of the most common and beautiful climbers. Its flowers could be 20 cm wide in diameter.

    It doesn’t like direct sun exposure as it makes it go dry fast. Generally speaking, it isn’t a drought resistant plant.

    With proper support it grows up to 3 meter high. Depending on a variety, it has to be pruned properly.

    It can be infested with mildew and mold.


    #5 Roses

    They can be even 3 meters tall. They bloom and summer long, sometimes continuing even in the fall. Moderate sun exposure is most appropriate.

    They have to be pruned, prepared for overwintering and protected against fungus.


    #6 Climbing hydrangea

    One of the least demanding yet the most resistant climbers.

    Thanks to its adventitious roots (similar to those of ivy) he plant can be 20 meters high!

    It blooms for the first time after 2 – 3 years. White flowers appear at the turn of June and July. It is very resistant to frost and doesn’t need to be pruned. Moreover, it is also resistant to pests and disease.


    #7 Calystegia hederacea

    Calystegia hederacea is a variety of bindweed, climbing up to 3 meters. Its distinctive feature, full flowers, bloom from July till September. They are pink and they look as if they were inflated.

    It needs pruning and has to be protected before the winter.


    #8 Bougainvillea

    Anyone who has been to the south of Europe must have noticed the plant and its marvelous flowers. Unfortunately, in colder locations it has to be potted so that it could be grown indoors in the winter.

    It could be grown as a tree, a shrub or a climber. The truth is that its flowers are not very spectacular. This is the leaves imitating flowers that astonishes everyone.

    It blooms all summer long with pink, orange, salmon-orange, red, violet, purple or white flowers.

    It likes the sun and doesn’t like drafts.


    #9 Passiflora (passion flowers/ passion vines)

    In moderate climate it grows best on terraces and greenhouse gardens. It won’t survive the winter outside. It has to be overwintered in a colder room.

    Just like most climbers form hotter countries it prefers sunny spots without drafts and winds. It can be even 5 meters high. To climb, it uses tendrils. Its flower is referred to as a crown of thorns.

    Did you know that this plant yields passion fruit?


    #10. Sweet pea

    This is an annual plant with one seed-to-seed cycle.

    It is a very delicate and fragile climber, growing up to 2 meters.

    It is appreciated thanks to its smell.

    The plant blooms from June till August.

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