11 Mistakes You Can Make While Renovating Your House. So Many People Still Repeat Them

    11 Mistakes You Can Make While Renovating Your House. So Many People Still Repeat Them

    11 Mistakes You Can Make While Renovating Your House. So Many People Still Repeat Them
    3:14 AM EDT, May 15, 2024

    Almost 260,000 people owning houses or apartments from 11 countries claimed that the biggest problem while renovating the property is to stay within the budget. In fact, almost a third of the respondents spent more than they had planned. If you don't want to spend your savings to fix unwanted mistakes, you'd better find out what can be avoided while redecorating your home.

    Here come 11 most common problems we face and cause during renovation works.

    #1 Lack of photos of all the things hidden in the walls

    Before you mask all the wires and pipes in your walls, take photos marking all the places they run. This is to help you decide where your flat TV or shelves can be fixed without the risk of damaging the power supply or the internet cables.

    #2 Inappropriate location of light switches

    La Miko / Pexels
    La Miko / Pexels

    When the switch is too high, children won’t be able to use it. If it is too far from the door, it will take you a while to find it in the darkness, leaving your fingerprints (and dirt) all over the wall.

    The best spot is on the door handle level, about two inches from the door frame (the jamb).

    In your bedroom you ought to have two switches – one at the door and the other next to the bed, so  that you won’t have to get up to turn the lights out. Unless you have a bedside lamp of course.

    #3 Too bright or too dark floor

    White and dark floor is bound to make you clean it way more often. These colors are perfect backgrounds for dirt and dust.

    If you are looking for a perfect floor color why don’t you choose something grey or brown?  Spotting any dust there is a challenge!

    #4 Patterned floor covering

    No matter if you choose patterned floor tiles or fitted carpets, remember that each kind of texture is really difficult to keep clean.

    #5 Kitchen floor

    Covering your kitchen floor with wood or laminated materials is a bit risky. If anything spills there (which is quite likely there) it might leave a stain.

    #6 Bathroom ceilings covered with plaster boards

    Even waterproof plaster boards will not protect your bathroom against flooding by the upstairs neighbors. Spending too much money on bathroom ceiling is therefore rather useless.

    #7 Insulating the bath

    Erik McLean / Pexels
    Erik McLean / Pexels

    When the bath touches the walls, tight tiling is indispensible. Otherwise you will let the bath water flow down the wall leaving nasty smears in the best scenario. If you use any sealing material between the bath and the wall, water might accumulate on the side, which sooner or later will turn into mold and fungus hotbed.

    #8 Sophisticated handles for chests of drawers

    Even if you think no beauty compares to the chest handles you have just found, you had better not buy them. Their fine shape might hurt you and damage your clothes, too. While buying such accessories remember that they are primarily about comfortable and safe use.

    #9 Soundproof pipes

    There is one big disadvantage of plastic pipes – they resonate which makes you hear anything they conduct. That is why take into consideration sound-insulation of the pipes in your bathroom and kitchen.

    #10 Wallpaper and artificial materials

    Plastic materials imitating genuine ones might be cheap, but they will never look exactly the same as the original ones. Consequently, the entire interior may suffer. So even if you want some marble yet you can’t afford it, don’t go for fakes, like photo wall paper. Just buy plain tiles or paint the wall a bright color.

    #11 Floor heating without time control

    IF you decide to have floor heating installed, don’t economize on time control devices. This will prevent you walking barefoot on cold floor in the winter. Remember that floor heating prevents the risk of mold growth in bathrooms!

    Of course your house is your castle, and you can arrange it the way you want. But hopefully you will at least take our suggestions into consideration. It’s all up to you anyway!
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