Milk, Olive Oil or Even Beer Can Be Very Good For Your Plants. As Long as You Know the Way They Should Be Used

    Milk, Olive Oil or Even Beer Can Be Very Good For Your Plants. As Long as You Know the Way They Should Be Used

    Milk, Olive Oil or Even Beer Can Be Very Good For Your Plants. As Long as You Know the Way They Should Be Used
    4:50 PM EST, November 17, 2023, updated: 5:41 PM EST, November 17, 2023

    We care so much about our potted plants and our gardens. No wonder then that we are so keen to be up-to-date with any new methods and solutions that can be applied there. The only problem is that not all the advice on how to make your plants healthy and beautiful available online is really effective and reliable!

    As a matter of fact some of the hints and clues could do much harm. Again, we will advise you on what things could be used with particular plants.

    Mayo, oil and milk

    This products are often recommended for those who want their plants' leaves shine.

    However, mayo, oil and milk may go off or rancid. They also block stomata, the respiratory holes plants use to breathe trough.


    This beverage makes the plant sticky and they collect far more dust than normally.

    If you want to use these products, you have to mix milk or beer with  water well. A few drops of oil diluted in water will be enough to wash your plants giving them the shiny look.

    As for mayo, you had better not use it at all!


    Banana peel

    If you want to make the leaves shine, use the inside of banana peel.


    Watering the plants with milk only might lead to blocking the roots.

    You need to remember that milk goes off very quickly and this leads to rapid growth of bacteria and fungus.

    If you want to make use of milk properties to fertilize your plants, add a little bit of milk to water and use such a mixture to water your plants once a month only. Remember to use low-fat pasteurized milk only (not the UHT one).

    Unfortunately, milk can't be used to fertilize all plants. It will only work with plants preferring alkaline or neutral soil mediums. These include devil’s tongue, aloe, ivy and palm trees.


    Coffee grounds

    Tea leaves and coffee grounds contain a lot of minerals but they are acidic.

    Therefore you can only use them to fertilize plants with such soil preferences, for examples azaleas or ferns.

    Egg shells

    Egg shells contain calcium, so just like milk they can be used to strengthen plants growing in acidic or neutral soils.


    Garlic and onion

    There are many properties of garlic and onion, including the fungicidal ones.

    If you just slice them and leave in the soil, they will just go rotten and smell bad.

    The best way to use garlic and onion is to prepare a stew. Once you cool it down and dilute properly you can sprinkle it on your plants or add it while watering.

    The water left after boiling vegetables

    The water in question can be recycled in the garden to the benefit of your plants (it contains a lot of minerals), yet it must not be salty!

    Next time you boil the vegetables pour out some of the water after some time, and add the salt afterwards. And this is only the saltless water you can use in the garden.

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