Life tricks that will be useful for all of us!

    Life tricks that will be useful for all of us!

    Life tricks that will be useful for all of us!
    6:07 AM EST, December 19, 2019

    Who doesn't love superheroes who save the world? Everyone would like to have their super powers ... But there are ordinary people around us who can be the heroes of everyday situations. They know how to protect themselves from unexpected sneeze during a family dinner and are able to fix a broken zipper. They can thread a needle faster than you can wink. These are the super powers that we really need, so let's look and learn.

    # 1 You forget if you closed the door.

    This problem affects all of us. But there is a way! Try to say something out loud, sing or do something characteristic by closing the door or performing other routine activities. When you wonder again whether you closed the door or turned off the iron, remember whether you said or sang your favorite formula. You will then be sure that you did what you are trying to remember. Know that saying or doing something fun increases your chances of remembering every routine activity.

    # 2 You have trouble with threading the thread

    You can't thread the needle again? Use an old toothbrush. Put the thread on it and push the needle into the thread. The hair of the brushes will push the thread through the needle's ear.

    # 3 Do you need a tweezer?

    It happens that you have to grab such a small thing that you can't catch it with your fingers. Use 3 coins then. Lay them on top of each other so that the middle coin is a bit retracted and you'll be able to grab every little thing!

    # 4 When you choke and nobody is around

    Very valuable information that is worth passing on to. If you are choking because you choke on something and there is no one who could perform Heimlich's grip, stand on all fours. Then sharply raise your arms forward while straightening your legs. The idea is for you to hit the floor with your belly when you fall. It is an alternative to Heimlich's grip. Try to keep your chin high so that you don't hurt it.


    # 5 A way to store your keys

    You go jogging or go out for a while and only take house keys or car keys with you. But you're afraid that you'll lose them ... Take the elastic band as well! You can use it to tie a pocket with the keys.

    # 6 How to avoid a hiccup

    This is not a pleasant condition. So learn how to avoid it.

    Take a deep breath through your mouth.

    Swallow saliva twice.

    Let the air out slowly through your nose.

    The hiccups should pass if you do it correctly.

    # 7 When you have a stuffed nose

    Do you have a stuffed nose? Then you need some high pillows. Lay your head on them sideways so that the stuffed hole is on the opposite side to the pillow. This will allow you to unblock a blocked nose in a short time.

    # 8 You want to sneeze but its not the right moment

    You are among people, your nose tickle and ... you're about to sneeze! Press your finger firmly to the base of the nose above the upper lip. In this way, you activate nerve receptors that pick up the sneezing signal that is sent by your brain.

    # 9 Hard butter

    Do you have unexpected guests and butter in the fridge? No worries. Take the grate and rub the butter on it. You will surprise the guests with lovely butter chips. This makes butter ideal for the spreading bread.

    # 10 Broken zipper

    Winter .. It's cold and you or your child has a broken zipper. You can easily fix it with a fork.

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