13 Surprising Spots for Home Safes

Ever since we invented money, we have been racking our brains to find the best possible place to hide it. Vaults, safes, thick bank walls, security systems… And this problem also concerns ordinary people of course. Today we would like to show you how your savings can be kept safe from the rest of the world!

#1 Under the stairs

This little cabinet can hide all your valuables and they are not going to be hidden far. Though it calls for a professional help, I guess it’s a sensible solution.

#2 In the garden

This could be a little risky due to unfavorable weather conditions. Still, a good safe box should solve the issue. Unless you become a pirate who hides his treasure and then … forgets where it was buried!

#3 In the socket


This electric plug from r/HidingPlaces

This spot calls for some skills but the burglars are not very likely to work it out.

#4 In the kid’s room


That’s a good option though never forget that you never know what your kids could be up to. And they are very good at finding things, especially those they were not supposed to find. So you need to choose a really good spot there. Of course your son or daughter won’t like when one day you burst inside just to collect or deposit something.

#5 Freeze your money

If anyone ever breaks into your house, do you think they will look into the freezer? The only problem is that one day all your savings can end up in a soup or oven.

#6 Kennel

If you have a dog, why not trust your pet and keep your money in the kennel? Of course it is another highly unusual location and it’s only disadvantage is the risk that the animal can get used to having money and might not want to give it back. Another option is a terrarium. Would you put your hand inside to search it with a venomous spider or snake around?

#7 Books. In or behind

Though it is a really cliché method, it still works. We all have bookshelves and you can easily find one volume that you will never forget. For example ‘The Great Book of Low Taxes’.

#8 A stashed stash

Another option is to create a stash that hides another one. For example the first one would keep some things of sentimental value (comics, china, figurines) while the other one would be right underneath.

#9 Kitchen stash

Who would suspect anyone of hiding anything in one of the most frequently used kitchen drawers?

#10 A ventilation grid stash

Only a very curious kid will find it worthwhile. Still, you need to make sure that there are at least a few such grids in your house – one would rather look suspicious.

#11 Pantry

Who would look for money in a room full of jars? If you add a bit of camouflage, your money will be really safe there.


#12 Window sill

A stash drawer underneath can be an ingenious solution. As long as nobody outside spots you using it.

#13 Washing powders and fertilizers

Your money will be pretty safe if you put it into a jar or bucket containing washing powder, fertilizer or other similar substances. It can also be the cat litter!

Do you still think that banks are the safest places to keep your money?

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