Bay Leaves Are a Natural Remedy for Clothes Dyed during Washing

Bay leaves are widely used in the kitchen. However, it turns out that they are also great for laundry. Learn an interesting trick and see how to use bay leaves on stains.

Sometimes it happens that we throw clothes of different colors into the washing machine. Some of them may dye. What to do then? Is the only salvation to throw away the dyed clothes and buy new ones? Nothing could be further from the truth! With this simple trick you can save your clothes! All you need is… bay leaves!

Bay Leaves for Stained Clothes

Bay Leaves Are a Natural Remedy for Clothes Dyed during Washing
Addilyn Ragsdill.Unsplash

Place a few bay leaves in a bag intended for laundry washing. Then put it in the washing machine along with the stained clothes. Later, set any program and run the washing machine. The problem should quickly disappear.

Bay Leaf Decoction for Heavily Stained Clothes

If your clothes are heavily discolored, prepare a decoction that will help save them.

  • 1 Pour water into a large pot, add a handful of bay leaves and bring the whole thing to a boil. When the water begins to boil, turn off the stove and let the water in the pot cool slightly.
  • 2 Put the dyed clothes into the cooled water. Leave them like this for 3-4 hours.
  • 3 Then thoroughly wring out all the items and put them in the washing machine. Wash the clothes with powder or other detergent.
  • 4 Later, take the clothes out of the washing machine and enjoy them already stain-free.
Bay Leaves Are a Natural Remedy for Clothes Dyed during Washing

Trik to Get Rid of Animal Hair From Clothes

Furry animal lovers know that it is extremely difficult to get rid of their hair from clothes. This is an annoying problem that many people struggle with. However, there is a very simple patent for this too.

To get rid of lint and strands of fur on your clothes, all you need to do is add vinegar to your next wash. You don’t have to change anything in the settings of the washing machine, you can wash your clothes in peace on your favorite program. And the vinegar will even work magic and you will see for yourself how much of a difference adding it to your laundry will make. You will love this way of dealing with dander!