9 Kitchen Life Hacks Our Grandmas Have Been Using for Years. And They Still Work!

Grandmothers are the champions of the kitchen craft. Their tricks and recipes have always been a key to survive in the kitchen.

#1 Instant knife sharpening

Everyone knows that a blunt knife is a bad knife. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sharpener at hand – just use a ceramic mug or plate. Flip the mug (or plate) over and pull the knife blade along unglazed rim on the bottom, maintaining an angle of 30 degrees. Repeat that a few times and that’s it!

#2 Bread crumbs? Do it yourself!

I guess everyone knows that. Just a few pieces of dry bread (it can’t be moldy, though!), a grater and you’ve got it. You can also freeze a piece of bread roll and grate it on the shred side.

#3 Removing labels from jars

Grandmas don’t waste things! They were first to recycle jars by filling them with their delicious jams.
To remove a label, grease it with oil, margarine, butter or body cream and leave it for the night. Next day it will come off easily!

#4 Salt against burns

Something burnt on the cooker? The bottom of the pot doesn’t look good? Cheer up! Pour some salt over the burnt spots and add a bit of water so that some kind of paste forms. Leave it for some time(or even for the night) and remove the staining easily.

#5 Cleaning up a smashed egg

When an egg smashes on the floor, it’s not easy to get rid of it. Unless you have a pet that will ‘clean’ it in a blink of an eye.
If you don’t, once again fall back on salt. Pour some over the egg and collect it all with a piece of paper kitchen towel.

#6 Bay leaf in flour

And not just in flour. Bay leaf kept in any powdery food products scare away insects that can wreak havoc in all kitchen cabinets.

#7 Juicy pork chops

Pork chops unfortunately get too dry if fired improperly. The thing is that it all starts before it ends on the plate. Just pour some boiling water over the meat and that’s its!

#8 Perfect scrambled eggs by Grandma Anna

Fluffy, fantastic, delicious… For each egg add one spoonful of milk. A simple trick but it changes the flavor and texture so much!

#9 Boiling water always inside the pot

Have you ever left the kitchen forgetting about boiling water? Have you had to clean the cooker mess afterwards?

To avoid that, put a wooden spatula on the pot and that will do the trick!

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