Don’t Get Rid of Your Ripped Tights, Here Are 9 Handy Ways You Can Reuse Them.

Getting ready in a hurry, put on new tights and suddenly you get a hole or a run in your pantyhose? That is a situation in the morning that is capable of upsetting any woman. However, old, torn pantyhose or stockings do not have to be thrown in the garbage can right away. Learn about the patents for using old pantyhose.

1. Mirror Polishing


With tights you can successfully polish mirrors, glass and all glass surfaces. This closet element does not leave any streaks

2. Use to Gather Pet’s Hair


Don’t you just love animal hair on the carpet? If not, moisten the tights with water, stretch the leg on the brush and start cleaning.

3. Storing Vegetables

Store onions in a way that keeps them dry, aerated, and keeps the skins intact! This is less messy, and takes up less space than a veggie bowl, too! You can also use this method for storing bulbs.


4. Shoe Polishing

Leather shoes will gain a beautiful shine if you polish them with a rolled up pantyhose.


5. Finding Small Objects

Small earrings, jewelry and other small items often fall on the floor and are lost for months in disguise under the closet or furniture. There is an easy way to find them. All you have to do is pull the pantyhose over the vacuum cleaner tube, secure the rubber band with a recipe and turn on the suction. All the small details will stop on a filter made of stockings.


6. Handmade Handy Bags


7. Storage


I guess everyone has a problem with storing decorative gift wrapping paper. Store wrapping paper, magazines, or posters in a leg to keep them tidy and prevent rips. You can also put the rolled-up newspapers or magazines in them. Because they are very flexible, they will hold a lot of things.

8. Taking Care of the Brushes


Make cleaning your hairbrush easy with a layer of nylons on the base of the brush. No more picking and peeling! If you do not want to choose single hair, pull a piece of pantyhose on the brush. Once the brush is dirty, simply pull off the pantyhose protection and throw it in the garbage can.

9. Washing Dishes


You don’t have to buy new cleaning sponge every time, pulled-up tight can do tye job. They perfectly remove food residues.

Do you know other ways to use old tights? Let us know in the commentary.

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