A Father of Two Builds an Amazing Playhouse for His Two Little Daughters. It’s Marvellous inside and Stunning Outside

Who is a daughter for her dad? The answer is fairly simple – a princess! And what does every princess need to have? A castle!

Adam Boyd (39) from Michigan knew it very well. That is why he wanted his two little princesses, Avery (5) and Violet (2) to have a childhood from a fairy tale.

He has built something miraculous for them!


This ‘castle’ is impressive, isn’t it?

Two storeys, a slide, a climbing wall and many other attractions inside

That’s not all! Wait until you see what it’s like inside

The structure is almost 8 metres tall

The colours are not random. Pink and violet are girls’ favourite ones.

The girls love playing together in this amazing place

Daddy says that the project is not ready yet, but he is doing his best to complete it as soon as possible. He spends every free moment working there, including the weekends of course.


Avery helps him a lot!

Adam Boyd is a the CEO of a construction company (Atb Building Inc.). He has published some pictures on the company’s official website. As he got a lot of positive feedback, he decided to…

… introduce playhouses and small playgrounds into his company’s catalogue

The proud daddy admits that nothing gives him more joy and satisfaction than his daughters having fun in the playhouse he built himself.

He is glad he could make them happy!

Would you like to see how the place was being built?