8 Natural Air Fresheners. Your Home Will Smell Gorgeous with No Hazardous Chemicals

Smells are all around us, especially in the spring time when most plants are in bloom. Sometimes they are lovely, sometimes they are… not. What will you do when your kitchen smells of fried fish and garlic? What about a bathroom which smells nothing like a rose?

It has been scientifically proved that the fresheners plugged into sockets are more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. They contain formaldehyde, which causes cancer. Perhaps before you choose another freshener containing potentially hazardous substance for you and our planer, you will think of getting a DIY freshener?
We’ve got a few ideas how to make your own natural air fresheners.
They are all natural, ecological and healthy. You can make them all yourself. They are cheap, easy and effective. Most the of the ingredients are always at hand.

#1 Aromatherapy diffusers

Natural essential oils, many of which having antibacterial, antifungal and antivirus properties, not only refresh the air but they also clean it. All you have to do is boil a pot of water and add a few drops of an essential oil, for instance lemon and eucalyptus. The aroma will fill the whole interior. Why don’t you buy a candle, electric or car diffuser?

#2 Coffee

Coffee fights nasty smells. No matter if you just grind it or simply make a cup of some for yourself, the smell is invigorating and it absorbs other smells, even the strong ones including onion and garlic. Put all over your place a few saucers with some freshly ground coffee on them.
Coffee grounds in your rubbish bin will stop the nasty smell from spreading all over your kitchen.

#3 Potpourri

Prepare a fragrant potpourri. Use dried flowers, herbs and essential oils. Everyone has got their favourite smells. Leave potpourri in small bags in all rooms and enjoy the lovely scents.

#4 Fresh herbal bouquets

Your place will smell of herbs if you use freshly cut geranium, pepper mint, rosemary or lavender. Make some small bouquets and put them in vases. Alternatively, hang them in places you spend most time.

#5 Potted plants

Sometimes just a few potted plants will be enough to clean the air of allergens and contaminations. Go for areca palm, snake plant, fern or jade plant. They clean the air and they do it really effectively.

#6 Pomander balls

Everybody has seen threaded pomander balls. We usually make some before Christmas. Of course if you like the scent, you can make some pomander balls any time of the year. You can also hang them in your larder or wardrobe to repel bugs. In fact, cloves have several properties that make it worthwhile.

#7 Simmering spices and orange peels

This is not a new idea. Simmered spices or orange peels fill the house with wonderful aroma and eradicates nasty cooking smells. The vapour also has certain antiseptic properties. Use cinnamon, cloves or cardamom.

#8 Wine vinegar

This one naturally disinfects the air. Fill a spray bottle with wine vinegar and water in 1:4 ratio and spray it in the air to refresh every room. You can also leave a small bowl with some vinegar in the kitchen so that it would absorb nasty smells.

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