22 Creative Solutions to Solve the Problem of Toys. Find Your Way to Rule This World of Chaos!

If you have a child, you know what a mess means. The moment you manage to get some control and you leave the room, it’s all lost. And it’s on and on again. Do you know this feeling? Perhaps this bunch of our storage ideas will help you clean it up once and for all.

Now come and pick up something for you. Who knows, maybe there is a way to keep it all clean and tidy

#1 An unfolding blocks bag

#2 A bath toys organiser

#3 A shelf for toy cars

#4 A cabinet for LEGO blocks

#5 Soft toys replacing plants

#6 Another DIY idea for storing toys

#7 This shelf looks like a micro-zoo

#8 Just put all the toys inside

#9 The magnets and the cars

#10 Crayon jars

#11 Drawers stashed in the walls

#12 Bookshelves

#13 Toy cars need a garage, too

#14 A railway line hidden under the bed

#15 Boxes with clothes for each day of the week

#16 A DIY toy box

#17 A Barbie organiser on the door makes the most of the space there

#18 A do-it-yourself LEGO working and storage station

#19 A shelf to put away the toys and have a nap

#20 Plastic containers replacing board games boxes

#21 Laundry basket turned into a doll clothes wardrobe

#22 A frame to organise hair accessories for girls

Have you found anything inspirational? I have!

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