19 Photos out of This World

The world is full of amazing things. Although science has explained almost everything, there is still something that leaves us speechless. Welcome to the gallery of strange animals and natural phenomena!

#1 This pet dragon is a rare Mexican lizard

#2 White albino raven from Canada. There is a couple of these animals

#3 A creature from space – a seal under ice

#4 A diver on the edge of an underwater world

#5 A mysterious pond with blue water

#6 A house coated with ice after a blizzard in Ohio

#7 A cassowary claw

#8 Black eggs – boiled in a volcano in Japan

#9 Invisible wall of a skyscraper in Singapore

#10 Magic signs left by woodpeckers

#11 Agate in snail’s shell

#12 An invisible fan blade

#13 A library in Rio de Janeiro

#14 A gigantic bat

#15 Black rabbits

#16 Extraordinary sun

#17 Electrostatic charges

#18 Lamps shining without power supply. The effect of electromagnetic radiation

#19 A mysterious ring

It was believed that the rings are portals to other worlds and places where witches would meet. The explanation is much more down-to-earth. The circle starts with a single spore which in time grows into a colony of mushrooms. Mushroom thallus may survive in one place only a given period of time. Then the soil becomes too barren or even toxic. As a result, the inner part of the ring dies and only the outer parts survive.

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