18 Smart Heads That Should Be on Elon Musk’s Payroll

Do you really think that it is only Elon Musk who deserves all the media attention? Well, there are many more people whose intelligence is astonishing. Where do they take the ideas for new gadgets from? Is it laziness? Or lack of working solutions? No matter where it all comes from, everything that matters is the final product. Here come the smart guys! Face the power of their minds!

#1 Perpetual energy machine does exist!

#2 The best way to park your car safely

#3 A real genius sees something more than just two bananas

#4 This guy has got a Macbook worth $1,000. When you spend so much on a laptop, sometimes your cloth hanger must work as the stand.

#5 When milk must be always at hand

#6 Laziness is the mother of invention

#7 This lorry drives does not spend too much at cinemas

#8 Your parents want you to ride your bike. You don’t really feel like riding

#9 All seats are occupied, but there’s no problem

#10 Bored in the church?

#11 When sleeping is all that matters…

#12 Headphones falling off? All you need is a bit of tape and…

#13 The cheapest solution to the ‘two taps’ problem

#14 This is just an air-conditioned van. For those who are super sensitive to heat

#15 When you’re not the mother but the child needs feeding

#16 Crocs reinvented

#17 A highly flexible tablet/ smartphone holder

#18 I’m sure Elon Musk will hire even an animal as long as it’s smart enough

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