15 Unusual Uses for Foam Noodles

You certainly know what a foam noodles looks like, but did you know that it has many more uses than just playing in the pool? These colorful, soft objects will make your life much more fun and your chores easier.

#1 Door Protection


When you open the door abruptly, it happens that it hits the wall and scratches it. If you want to avoid this, all you need to do is cut a small piece from the foamy noodle and place it on the door.

#2 Tidy up Your Drawers


If you’re tired of the cutlery dividers sliding and riding around inside the drawer every time, just cut the right length of foam and place it behind the divider.

#3 Hand Relief


If you spend a lot of time at the computer at your job, your wrists are bound to start hurting after a few hours. Just cut a slice in half or slightly higher than half the diameter of the noodle itself. This way, your hands won’t be as sore.

#4 Trunk Shelf Protection


If you are transporting something on the roof of your car and you are afraid that you will scratch the vehicle, all you need to do is place a foam noodle on the trunk. It will keep the item you are transporting from slipping and cushion it from possible scratches.

#5 Help With Garage Organization


Do you love fishing? Surely you know that keeping your fishing rods organized is a challenge, and the constant untangling can be a hassle. A cut foam doodle that you attach to the wall can solve this problem.

#6 Safe Trampoline


Here’s an easy way to cover the springs from a trampoline. Now your kids can safely play outside.

#7 Opening the Trunk


When you open the trunk of a tall van or SUV, it’s easy to hit the garage door handle and wipe off the paint on the vehicle’s door. Protect it with foam noodles. Simply cut the slice with a knife and slide it over the edge of the garage door buckle.

#8 Helps Maintain the Shape of Tall Boots


Colder days are approaching and you definitely know that boots will come in handy for winter moments. Unfortunately, after months of lying in a box, the boots may have become deformed, and just taking them out of the box won’t help. If you put a foam noodle cut in half in them, your boots will definitely keep their perfect shape.

#9 Floating Candles


Do you have a pool or pond in your garden and want it to get a special vibe? Cut the pasta into small pieces and then tie them together with a zip tie. Put some cling film inside to keep the candle at the right height. Then place the candles inside the noodle (it’s best to use electric ones).

#10 Ladder Protectors


It is a known fact that if you want to climb on the roof then it is best to use a ladder. However, while putting it up, you may scratch the gutter or roof tiles. That’s why it’s a good idea to use foam noodles! Cut it and stick it with hot glue and the ladder will never scratch your house again.

#11 Crease-Free Clothes


Place a piece of foam noodle on a hanger – a simple and inexpensive way to keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

#12 Making Lawn Mowing More Pleasant


Mowing the lawn is a terrible chore for many. The vibration of the machine can make our hands ache for hours to come. However, just use a foam noodle to cushion the movement of the mower and reduce the vibration.

#13 Make a Garland


You can use foam noodles to create a garland. Cut it and bend it into a circle, connect the ends of the noodle with tape. Then use fabric or wide ribbon to cover it up. Using hot glue, attach the leaves and flowers.

#14 Dirty Brush Holder


After decorating walls or jars, it’s a good idea to set your brushes aside to dry completely. Cut a small piece of foam and place on a plastic container.

#15 Opening Doors


If your garage is cramped and you’re afraid that when you open the car door you’ll hit the wall and scratch the vehicles, Just cut the noodles in half and nail them to the wall.


Keeps the beverage container floating the pool 😉


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