15 Photos That Will Totally Confuse You. It Will Take You a Little While before You Make Out What Is Really There

Sometimes we are so tired that our brain begins to play tricks on us. However, there are moments when our eyes see something that can’t be explained in logical terms. Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous that it should not exist at all? You will really need to spend some time before you work out what the photos here really show.

#1 Whose arm is it? It looks like a T-rex arm!

#2 Benjamin Button is alive

#3 An installation in New Zealand looking as if it was cut out from a cartoon

#4 The cat and its owner are up to no good…

#5 What did they boy do to have legs like these?

#6 One female shadow plus another female shadow equals a gorilla shadow

#7 Finally we have some evidence that sirens really exist

#8 Are you sure the wheel is ok?

#9 The Islands of Cello

#10 My first impression? Somebody holding a photo

#11 You think it’s because of the stress? No, it’s just the reflection of a chair

#12 Another species discovered

#13 I still can’t figure out if it’s a head or a hairy thumb

#14 This gigantic snail from Florida looks like a human tongue coming out of the shell

#15 Please don’t tell me somebody has cut this dog in two. Ok, it’s just a trunk…

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