15 Photos Resembling Perfectly Friday 13th From Every Angle. If you Got Bad Luck, it’s Game Over!

Monday is the least popular day of the week. Start of work/school after a weekend’s rest. However, sometimes some people have such bad luck on that day… and see for yourself!

#15 “I Was Draining Oil From My Car And Well…”


#14 The Guy Parked In An Empty Parking Lot, Next To The Second Car. Can You Guess Which Driver Took This Picture?


#13 After Work I Went To The Gym And Yes, I Forgot My Sport Shoes

#12 “My mother Found Out That Possible to Condensed Milk to Make Caramel. One Time She Fell Asleep While Cooking…”


#11 Someone Opened A Pot of Paint And Gone to Checkout With It


#10 It Turned Out That The Maple Syrup For Pancakes Is Overdue… About 6 Years Old.


#9 Do Not Drink Coffee While Drawing…


#8 And I Have No Idea What To Do About It Now…

the-d-man / reddit

#7 After A Month’s Absence… When I Came Back, It Turned Out That The Tap Wasn’t Completely Turned Off

#6 And A Whole Day Wasted Because Of… Checkout Roll


#5 The Owner Had An Ambitious Plan To Go To Work Earlier


#4 Toilet Paper In The Bathroom Where I Work…

3moG33k / reddit

#3 You Go Out In The Morning Sleepy And You See It


#2 “I Made Myself Braids And It Turned Out… That I Had A Single Strand Of Hair Left Out.”


#1 I Caught A Thief At Work. Now I Have To Put It All Back In Place


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