15 Amazing Photos You Will Never Forget

Although the Internet offers a whale of educational materials, we still don’t know much about the world. Or we just think we know much. That is why even very simple things make us go ‘Wow!’ sometimes. We have collected another gallery of photos for you – feel free to look at them as long as you only wish.

#1 Rubik’s cube in a jar

#2 A tyre on a tree

#3 Stingray’s skeleton

#4 An 88-metre-long wind turbine blade

#5 Smog over New Delhi

#6 Neon-like graffiti

#7 A balloon filled with water hitting a fence

#8 A tree growing through a rock

#9 A gigantic wine barrel dating back to 1751 of 220,000 litres volume

#10 Photos of Pluto taken in 1994 and 2018

#11 Audrey Hepburn on a leaf

#12 Quetzalcoatlus northropi, the biggest flying animal that has ever existed

#13 A tyre on a freezing morning in Norway

#14 Quartz crystals

#15 A snail drinking water

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