14 Easy, Creative and Cheap Solutions to Make the Best Use of Space in Your House or Flat

Small flats and houses have one serious disadvantage – a very limited storage space for all the things we need. However, even if something is difficult, it does not mean it is impossible to do! There is a solution to everything. If you can’t come up with your own idea, then you’ve got us! And we have got 14 reliable life hacks that will work everywhere, no matter the size of the house or the flat.

#1 Hide cables and cords – they don’t look good

This solution not only hides the cables, but also gives you extra storage space for remote controls, books or DVDs. Your house will look neater and at the same time more spacious.

#2 Headboard as an alternative

Bedside tables occupy space you might need in your bedroom. Why don’t you think about a headboard to keep the things you need at hand.

#3 Organise the space inside cupboards

If there are too many cleaning agents inside a cupboard that fall out the moment you open the door, fix, for example, an old document organiser. Of course make sure that the door closes well. If it doesn’t, fix it again or use a smaller organiser.

#4 Hang frying pans to save space

There is a lot of frees space above the cooker. If it’s possible, hang your frying pans there to save lots of space in the cupboards.

#5 Together with your child segregate the toys in appropriate order

It’s not only about toys as such, that is dolls or teddy bears, but it’s also about drawing instruments, painting accessories, board games and other things your child keeps there. If they are not segregated, they cause a lot of mess. Use some containers, segregate the toys and label the boxes.

#6 Think outside the box

Traditional beds are fine, but you don’t have to go for easy solutions. Think about how you can arrange the space underneath if you decide to buy a bunk bed!

#7 The storage potential of the bath you probably didn’t know about

#8 Use every free corner

What about corner shelves? You can use every single inch of the flat. This solution works especially in asymmetric rooms.

#9 Dry your clothes using a window

What I like about this solution is that you kill two birds with one stone. Using a special blinds system not only do you get sun protection, but at the same time it works as a clothes dryer.

#10 Buy an original coffee table

Tables can be sued to store things, too. This one might hold newspapers, remote controls or CDs.

#11 Segregate your fruit and vegetables

It is not easy to find a good storage solution for grocery. It turns out that document organisers work perfectly as containers for potatoes, onions, carrots or tomatoes. Remember that they have to provide appropriate amount of air and light!

#12 DIY shoe hangers

Get rid of boxes of flip flops or sandals. The boxes can be used to store something else. Hang the shoes and hooks you can easily make yourself!

#13 Store your spices on the inside of the cupboard doors

This clips will let you safely store spices economising on space in your drawers or on the kitchen top.

#14 Use the space above your head

Using a structure like the one in the photo and plastic containers, you can make use of the space under the ceiling in your garage or basement. Toys, Christmas decorations or seasonal clothes can all be kept there.

Which one did you like the most?

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