14 Clever Ideas That Could Make Your Life More Convenient

Every single day we come across new things that surprise us with their design and possible applications. It turns out that while they are already popular in some places, in others nobody has ever heard of them. It’s a pity! They should be available everywhere!

Have a look at our collection of objects and solutions that make the lives of many people at least slightly easier.

#1 The jar is equipped with a kind of a tray-lift that helps you pick up the pickles

#2 The manager of the hotel came up with the idea of a soap bar with a hole in the middle as very few people use it all up

#3 A café offering a free cup of coffee as long as you spend two minutes and collect a bucket of rubbish

#4 This bottle lest you ‘control’ the sauce depending on how hot you want it to be

#5 This restaurant offers these two little steps for kids who want to see how their pizza is being made

#6 One of the carriages in Seoul’s underground has a mini-library available for the passengers

#7 A marker that makes the highlighting job slightly more pleasant

#8 A carton that shows how much milk is left

#9 Information on the train about where you can find free seats

#10 A Belgian pub that requires a shoe as pledge for a unique and expensive beer glass


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#11 When the fence becomes the bench

#12 A drinking water fountain for both dogs and people. Your pets can also get some snacks here.

#13 A pencil that doesn’t have to be sharpened

#14 A swing for both the parent and the child

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